HTML5 Course for Beginners. Go From HTML-Nothing to HTML-Master!


Ever heard of AppSumo?  AppSumo is a great organization that I have been following for sometime now online and on Twitter for great deals for developers across the globe to help them get exclusive discounts on exciting products and trainings.  AppSumo also has a deal of the day which is super cool.

Today I came across this deal which I think is well worth it: Learn everything you need to know about HTML5 and how to use it with 42 self-paced video lectures.

So apparently this course, taught by Robin Nixon HTML5 master and author of ‘Learning PHP, MySQL and JavaScript’ originally costs $99, but signing up with the AppSumo deal gets the course for $49.  Super cool!  All you need is a text editor and web browser to get started.  Step-by-step you’ll learn how to build webpages from scratch and at the end of the course you’ll know HTML and HTML5!  Knowing HTML5 keeps you competitive as a developer these days and it could just be the most important part of development in the future.  Learning HTML5 with these online video tutorials is probably the fastest way without having to open a book, attend classes, or spend hours upon hours researching.  It also allows you to learn at your own pace which you and I know we all love!

So check it out, I thought I’d share it with you because it seems like a really great offer and too good to miss.

View the deal here,

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