IE9: The Future of the Web

Why should consumers care about browser choice?

The browser you use actually greatly affects your overall online experience.  Part of what makes for a great online experience is speed – how fast a website loads and how quickly you can access the content you want.  Internet Explorer 9 enables some of the fastest speeds on your favourite websites and lets you more thoroughly enjoy your favourite content – video is more beautiful, pages load quicker and games are more immersive. In addition, your browser has an important role to play in terms of ensuring your security and protecting your privacy.

How does IE9 keep consumers safe online?

Your online safety does not begin and end with your security software.  Internet Explorer 9 offers anti-malware protection to help harmful software and phishing attacks from infiltrating your computer.  It’s so effective that third party NSS Labs found that Internet Explorer 9 blocks up to 99% of socially engineered malware and phishing attacks.   Internet Explorer 9 also helps you identify high-risk downloads, to help you keep from infecting your computer.  In addition, IE9 offers tools to help parents keep their kids safe online: parental controls allow you to set where your children can and can’t visit.

How does IE9 help protect consumers’ privacy?

Internet Explorer 9 offers an opt-out feature that lets consumers stop companies from tracking their online behaviours and targeting them for advertising.  In addition, the InPrivate browsing feature prevents Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session. This helps prevent anyone else who might be using your computer from seeing where you visited and what you looked at on the web.

What does the future of the web look like?

While nobody has a crystal ball, we can expect that consumers will increasingly look for tools that help ensure their online safety and privacy.  Clearly, our MSN poll has found that this is at the forefront of people’s minds, and it is important for consumers to realise that their browser choice can play a big part in ensuring their online activities are discrete and that they stay safe from cyber criminals.  Further, we expect that more consumers will look to the web to deliver dynamic, high-quality entertainment.  And luckily, people don’t have to wait – because Internet Explorer 9 harnesses the power of the PC, music, video and games can be delivered in faster and more compelling way. 

What does IE9 offer for web developers?

Internet Explorer provides rich, interoperable capabilities to web developers. The Internet Explorer Team knows you don’t want to rewrite and retest your websites again and again; standards adoption by browser vendors is a good way to reach that objective.  See the Internet Explorer Guide for Developers to find out how you can benefit from IE9's new features and enhancements!

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