Case Study: Travelocity moves to the Windows Azure Platform

Windows Azure is the PaaS offering from Microsoft and adoption has been on the rise in markets where it is offered. I am pleased to share with you the details in the form of the Travelocity case study and video which have been published by the Cloud and Server Team. This is simply one out of many case studies published. Please visit to see what other customers and partners are doing with Windows Azure.

Here is a quick snippet of the Travelocity move:

Country or Region: United States

Industry:  Travel Services

Customer Profile

Founded in 1996, Travelocity provides online end-to-end travel offerings—including reservations for flights, hotels, and cars, plus destination information—to customers around the world.

Business Situation

The company’s Product Management Team requested that Travelocity collect website metrics on customer shopping patterns. It decided to deploy the application in the cloud to avoid burdening its own data center.


Travelocity chose the Windows Azure platform to host its business intelligence and analysis system. Within two months, it has moved its Java application to the cloud.


  • Reduces costs
  • Improves customer experience
  • Scales to meet demand
  • Speeds time-to-market
  • Enables flexible development


  • Windows Azure
  • Windows Server 2008 R2


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