ecommerce, the impact of colour and examples of SharePoint powered internet sites

This weeks post is a bit fo a mishmash, I did dally with the idea of reviewing this showcase-of-beautiful-and-fresh-ecommerce-websites as I’ve recently been looking into retail experiences with FAST Search, SharePoint & Commerce Server and have been impressed at the capabilities of these 3 related technologies can bring to bear.

The link above is worth a browse just to appreciate how things can be done (including pointers of how things can be improved), and Microsoft has a rich set of customers from Dog Funk (who care what they sell, what a great name!) to Dell and Best Buy. 

I also looked at Button Color Test: Red beats Green an interesting review of how a different colour makes a difference on someone clicking on a button, 21% as it turns out, and it underlines the importance that not only technology plays but the people and process aspects of understanding and running a web channel.  People, Processes and then Technology is what our customers really need our help in understanding, not just the great features of SharePoint 2010.

Whilst we are looking at sites, i thought i would bring up two sites whcih showcase some of the public sites out there that are running sharepoint. Neither are exhaustive, but in particular i like as it brings together a little over 2,000 sites and  allows you to slice and dice by segment and country etc.  on the otherhand allows people to rate various sharpeoint sites.

Both are good to draw inspiration from, the sheer breadth of the sharepoint platform means that there are a lot of sharepoint examples out there.

Happy browsing!

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