Imagine Cup Gulf – Winners Announced!


Imagine Cup Gulf – Winners Announced!

On April 25, students from around the Gulf took to the stage to present their innovative projects.  They tackled the toughest problems – education, poverty, hunger, maternal health and so much more.

Without a doubt, the caliber of projects and presentations was very high, as the students practiced until the final minute.  The panel of judges, comprised of representatives from du, ITA Oman, MOE Kuwait and AUD – had a very difficult decision to make.  For some teams, it was down to 0.5 points of a difference!

The winning teams who will be advancing to the Worldwide Finals held in New York during July are:


1st Place: Oman

Edunology Team: Help Me Educate Others

Education is a key tool in order to reduce the vulnerability of millions of people in the world. Lack of education contributes to problems such as crime, poverty, hunger, diseases etc. Education enables job opportunities, self-esteem and social awareness.

‘HELP me Educate Others’ is a software designed to open windows for donors to participate in educating the unfortunate individuals in the world. The software acts as a media hub between the helper, the school and the student being financed.

2nd Place: Kuwait

SWAP Team: Revolutionary Reporting System

During your daily activities you encounter problems such as accidents, environmental hazards, theft and medical emergencies. May times, people overlook these simple problems because it would take too long to report since they keep asking for description of the problem, location and repeated calls for confirmation.

‘Revolutionary Reporting System’  is a simple image reporting software that uses the geographic location tagging on images for reporting.



3rd Place: UAE

The Hex Pistols Team: momEcare

Giving birth in underdeveloped nations, like those in Southern Asia and sub Saharan Africa has become risky and this results in death to the mother, the baby or both. One of the reason is the lack of quality medical care and attention given to these women during pregnancy and childbirth.

‘momEcare’ is a mobile application which will assist the medical staff to give quality medical assistance to pregnant women by guiding them through the steps of performing a checkup similar to those that are performed if these women went to a hospital.

Mobile Development Award

The Explorers Team: touch.Edu

The Mobile Development Award is sponsored by du to encourage students to develop mobile apps. 

Children with learning disabilities usually have a high IQ. However they may have difficulty reading, writing, spelling, reasoning, recalling and/or organizing information if they are taught in the conventional ways.

‘touch.Edu’ is a multi-touch Microsoft Surface, Windows 7 tablet and WP7 based interactive learning solution. It is a suite of educational games and applications to create an interactive and entertaining learning platform.



The Judges

·         Kenneth Wong,  Director, Devices & Digital Marketing, du

·         Ibrahim Al Mayahi, Senior Manager for Marketing, du

·         Hamed Ahmed Saleh Al Zedjali, Web development specialist, Information Technology Authority Oman

·         Dr. Basel Dayyani, Director of the Center of Applied Software Technology at the American University in Dubai

·         Eng. Enaam Al Jenaa, Head of Technical and Operational Support Division, Kuwait Ministry of Education

The media came out in great numbers!  They were interested to speak with the competitors and their mentors to understand the motivation behind their projects.

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The full event (April 23-25) in pictures:



Welcome Dinner


PhotoBooth and Kinect Tournament: Smile!

clip_image028[8]clip_image030[8] clip_image032[8] clip_image034[8]

Keynote – Samer Abu-Ltaif


Closing Remarks – Ashwin Karuhatty


The Winners!

clip_image040[8]      clip_image042[8]

We wish the teams all the best at the WW finals!





Thank you to everyone who made Imagine Cup Gulf 2011 a big success! 








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