Sharepoint 2010 and the 3rd Heat in WCM

I’d like to share the perfect timeliness of a recent article on the 3rd heat of WCM


It goes on about how the traditional the two key aspects of Web Content Management (the Core Platform and the IT organisation running it) are joined by the rise of the Business User.


The Business User is more focused on the impact on the business and how the business can benefit from an elegant WCMS Platform.


It also heralds the importance of the business user being involved in the process, from design through to day to day interaction, creatively thinking from a business point of view to be more competitive and more compelling.


It is timely because this is exactly one of the key messages of SharePoint 2010 FIS – people, processes and technology, the separation of capabilities under a unifying platform.


In SharePoint 2010 we have a great platform, one that is unified and feature rich, focussed on the user.  It has easy integration and a proven pedigree online, but we also need to appreciate that SharePoint 2010 excels at ensuring the Business User is put into the very heart of the operation.

It is the Business User rather than IT or the Digital Design Team that can drive a SharePoint 2010 site.


Clever application of workflow, design overlays and templates allow the digital design team to provide value rather than bottle necks and IT has a hands off approach to the content.


Adding, removing and refreshing content is a matter of mouse clicks (in the same MS Office experience that they are used to).  Reporting and Analysis is again designed and available to the business users, it does not need IT to collate or interpret.


Simply put SharePoint 2010 puts the third heat into an organisations Web Content Management system.


Of course if you don’t remember the 1st 30 Rock episode, just take note that we make it simpler for organisations to utilise their web channel for the business benefits and creative application of business ideas 🙂

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