Win Cash Money just for deploying Windows 2008 servers!

We are excited to announce a new contest for the local community developers in the United Arab Emirates. Now, you can win free 110Dhs shopping vouchers at the Mall of Emirates just for reporting Windows Server 2008 websites!

Are you a WebsiteSpark member? If not, you may want to join now! By simply reporting Windows Server 2008 web sites hosted with unique IP address, you have a chance to win a 110 UAE shopping voucher that can be used at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai! We are giving away shopping vouchers for the first 30 WebsiteSpark members to report their first website URL with unique IP address and on Windows Server 2008.

So hurry up and deploy away! The contest is open to everyone, from all nationalities and any age in the UAE. To report your sites, simply log in to your WebsiteSpark portal ( ) and follow the steps in the box ‘Report Sites’ on the left column of your page. These steps are outlined below. Remember that a site is fully reported after it has been validated.

Terms and conditions apply. For any further assistance kindly email at:


Step (1): Visit

Step (2): Login with your Live ID.


Step (3): Click on "Microsoft WebsiteSpark"


Step (4): Click on "Edit my profile."

Step (5): Click on "Your deployed sites." Enter the website URL and click "Add URL".

Step (6): Click on "Get Code."

Step (7): To validate the URL copy the code below and paste it into the default page of your website URL.

Step (8): After performing the above step, click “Validate”.

For any further assistance kindly email at:

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