SharePoint and Silverlight – A Match Made in Heaven

With SharePoint and Silverlight integration, you really do get the best of both worlds. 

Silverlight 4 is a powerful development platform for creating rich user experiences with the tools developers and designers need to quickly create these experiences for web, desktop and mobile applications.  There has been more than 500 million downloads and over 500,000 developers and designers are using it today.  With Visual Studio 2010, these developers are creating absolutely amazing Silverlight applications.  Using SharePoint 2010, you still get the infrastructure and security flexibility along with the ability to really customize your solutions.  Even without writing any code at all, you can even easily add a Silverlight application to the page using just a web browser.  

Go to the Microsoft Silverlight website and install the browser plugin for free to get started!  Click here for more detailed information and on SharePoint and Siverlight integration.



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