Imagine Cup Gulf – Meet Your TOP Ten Teams

Over the past few months, students from across the Gulf have been applying their passion, creativity and imagination to help solve the world’s toughest problems by using technology.  The proposals rolled in from Kuwait, Oman and the UAE in great numbers. 

I’m very happy to present to you the top 10 teams from the Gulf and their innovative ideas!  They will be arriving to Dubai on April 23rd to work as teams and receive training.  The projects will be presented to a panel of judges on April 25th at the American University in Dubai (AUD) to determine the top team per country to be sent to the world wide finals during July in New York, USA.          


Arab Rocks Team – Kuwait

Gulf countries are famous of producing and exporting petroleum and its derivatives. These products are carried by ships overseas. If any problem occurs to these shipments, it affects sea life and the environment.

‘Shipment Spy’ is a computer software that monitors the petroleum shipments by sensing the surrounding temperature, humidity, pressure and other factors that affect them. The application will alert the user of potential risk, in addition to tracking the shipment path.       


Team Dream – Kuwait

Although disabled people constitute a large portion of the population, many educational & professional tools as well as aspects related to education are inaccessible to those with disabilities. ‘Enlight’ is a development platform enabling creators to build their own applications tools on top of:

-DreamTouch: portable, low-cost hardware+software development platform in the form of a smartboard with a touch-based surface.

-Dreamlight: advanced hardware + software development platform with a touchless surface-free interface, allowing the manipulation and control of holograms in free-air using one’s bare hands.            


The Swap Team – Kuwait

During your daily activities you encounter problems such as accidents, environmental hazards, theft and medical emergencies. May times, people overlook these simple problems because it would take too long to report since they keep asking for description of the problem, location and repeated calls for confirmation.

‘Revolutionary Reporting System’ is a simple image reporting software that uses the geographic location tagging on images for reporting.    


V.O.L Team – Kuwait

Over 6,800 languages are spoken around the world.  Some with disabilities may find difficulties in communicating and expressing their ideas. 

‘The World’ unites all spoken languages, and makes the user fully capable to communicate with all humans, no matter the language. Even if the user is a handicap, they can use the Voice Wave feature of the application which captures the sound wave and translates it to the correct language. 


C.S.G. Team – Oman

There are many blind people in the world who can’t use braille and cannot use the internet to search for articles to access information.

‘Read To Me’ is a web browser that allows the blind to conduct online searches for articles. It works by sending voice commands to the browser.        


Edunology Team – Oman

Education is a key tool in order to reduce the vulnerability of millions of people in the world. Lack of education contributes to problems such as crime, poverty, hunger, diseases etc. Education enables job opportunities, self-esteem and social awareness.

‘HELP me Educate Others’ is a software designed to open windows for donors to participate in educating the unfortunate individuals in the world. The software acts as a media hub between the helper, the school and the student being financed.               


IbexTech Team – Oman

Although some e-services have significantly reduced the wait times for many services, there remains transactions that must be conducted in person.  These often require to wait for long periods of time. 

‘Bored Blaster’ is a phone application that helps to use the waiting time for the development of skills and updating of cultural information through some competitions.  It can also be used to gain some funds for charities and donations.     


Touch Desk Team – UAE

The failure of existing educational systems is linked to the fact that the individual needs of students to sustain a successful learning process are essentially ignored.

‘TouchDesk’ comprises of a method to utilize the computing power of 1 PC to create up to 20 virtual touch screen PCs on normal wooden tabletops to be used by students in a class room environment.                 


Explorers Team – UAE

Children with learning disabilities usually have a high IQ. However they may have difficulty reading, writing, spelling, reasoning, recalling and/or organizing information if they are taught in the conventional ways.

‘touch.Edu’ is a multi-touch Microsoft Surface, Windows 7 tablet and WP7 based interactive learning solution. It is a suite of educational games and applications to create an interactive and entertaining learning platform.               


The Hex Pistols – UAE

Giving birth in underdeveloped nations, like those in Southern Asia and sub Saharan Africa has become risky and this results in death to the mother, the baby or both. One of the reason is the lack of quality medical care and attention given to these women during pregnancy and childbirth.

‘momEcare’ is a mobile application which will assist the medical staff to give quality medical assistance to pregnant women by guiding them through the steps of performing a checkup similar to those that are performed if these women went to a hospital.   

Congratulate these top teams on making it to the GULF IMAGINE CUP REGIONAL COMPETITION!  Which of these teams do you think will make it to the Finals in New York?


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    Great competition, there should be more like this, all over the world.

    The importance of software is also discussed here:…/reporting-software-the-best-way-to-stay-ahead

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