Free Microsoft Certification Voucher for Students

imageThe job market can be a touch ride – but it doesn’t have to be.  Elevate your resume and your job prospects by getting Microsoft Certified.  And right now, you can get a FREE Microsoft Certification Exam Voucher to help you get started.  Microsoft Certification validates your technical skills and shows potential employers that you can do the job.  And it’s no surprise that hiring managers look for Microsoft Certification on resumes – 75% of them believe that certification is important to overall team performance.  In today’s competitive job market, it can be the difference between looking for a job and landing a job.

Like new jobs, these vouchers are in limited supply so don’t wait! You can get a voucher code through DreamSpark, click here for the details.

Check out these videos to hear what other students have to say about Microsoft Certification.


Meet Parker – a student from Cape Town, South Africa


Meet Gen – a student from Montreal, Canada


Meet Steve – a student from Michigan, USA


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