Dev Unplugged contest: Pushing the Limits of HTML5 in Gaming and Music

Dev Unplugged is a new contest that challenges web developers to push the limits of a modern browser without the use of plug-ins. HTML5 and related technologies, in conjunction with faster and faster browsers, now give developers the tools they need to create interactive experiences!

Pick your challenge!

GAMING we are not looking for the most complicated game, but we are definitely looking for games that are fun and addictive! The creator of Hellboy, has opened-up up a treasure trove of content for developers to use to create their HTML5 game.

MUSIC so, you are working on an HTML5 website for your band? Now’s your chance to show everyone what it means to experience music on the web. We teamed-up with AWOLNATION and Ra Ra Riot to provide you with their most popular cuts to get started!

We will let community votes help us find the top-40 finalists. The panel will then be asked to judge the finalists according to creativity, quality of implementation and fit with the contest theme.

Push HTML5 to its limits and compete for over $40,000 in prizes. The Grand Prize winner will receive $9,000 in cash and a fully-loaded trip with a Golden Ticket to the Future of Web Apps Conference in Las Vegas on June 27th!

The Rules:

  1. No Plugins: The submission must stick to HTML/CSS/JS on the client-side (no restrictions on the server-side)
  2. Same Markup: The submission has to work across IE9 RC, Chrome Beta and Firefox Beta.
  3. Making the Web Native: The submission must be amazing! We will be keeping an eye out for submissions that push the envelope and blur the line between a web app and a native app.

Think you have what it takes? Enter:
Follow us on Twitter @IE and #devunplugged for the latest information and updates about the contest.

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