IE9 for Developers

Web developers and designers should take advantage of the new enhancements packaged with IE9 to create rich, interoperable, standards-compliant web applications. Below is a slideshow that will take you through the basics of pinning your website, adding navigation colors, and creating a jumpl-list. For more information and the full guide visit:

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  1. Sam Bennett says:

    I have been creating a WordPress plugin that adds the meta tags for Pinning and adds a custom group. My problem that I have noticed is that the meta tags for the name, tooltip, window size and start URL. Don’t actually do anything but the Nav colour does work. I even looked at the site and I have used the same meta tags. I even noticed that that was not changing the tooltip, The tooltip just shows the website title twice with a – between them. I am not sure if this is just a bug with the 64 bit edition but when I use the 32 bit edition the size and start URL do work. The custom List does not work and does not get my favicon. The tooltip is the title of the page.

    I hope any of this helps and would like to help further in any testing and fixing.

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