MSDN Magazine with Power Pivot

I had not been back to MSDN Magazine for some time. It's our monthly publication for Microsoft developers which has been in print and online for many years now. Today I did and I was welcomed with this page 

All past articles can now be explored using Power Pivot. I spent a few minutes playing with it.. it’s beautiful and engaging. I found many articles I would have other ways never located, but most importantly I had fun.

There are other technologies such as Silverlight that allow you to create this king of experience, like what HardRock did with their memorabilia

Power Pivot, however, is a technology to build this kind of experience with much less effort and code.

Publishers in the Gulf could surely do something really interesting with it. If you're a design firm or web agency in the Gulf, you know where they are!


MSDN Magazine was build using Silverlight's PivotViewer control. PivotViewer is now available for you to begin building and embedding your collections directly onto your webpage. If you want to read about how Howard Dierking built the MSDN Magazine collection, there is a blog series on it at


Comments (2)

  1. Howard Dierking says:

    One quick clarification – the technology used is the Pivot viewer control for Silverlight rather than PowerPivot.  Also, if you want to read about how I built the MSDN Magazine collection, I wrote a blog series on it at…/pivot

  2. Ramon says:

    @Howard Thanks! Will update the post

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