How the Microsoft Spark Programs Can Transform Ideas Into Reality

In speaking to students and young, prospect entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of exciting ideas to build great software as a basis for starting a new business.  Unfortunately these students and entrepreneurs are reluctant to move from the idea stage to the actual development, citing a variety of reasons.

Across the Gulf region, there’s a growing interest to see software apps that matters to the local market – both in Arabic and English.  That’s where the Microsoft Spark programs comes in.  DreamSpark ( provides students with professional-level developer and design tools available to students at no charge.  BizSpark ( gets your new software business moving forward quickly by providing our platform at no cost over a three year period!  And WebSiteSpark gives Hosters a chance to extend their customer offerings, to include free Microsoft software to support your web development. 

While we are already seeing the benefit of these programs to our students and young business leaders, there still isn’t enough awareness in the market, that can excite our communities to build great software.  I encourage you to visit the BizSpark site ( where the top start-ups-of-the-day are touted globally by Microsoft, highlighting success stories while providing access to our local network partners.  There you’ll find training, news, events, interviews and countless success stories, of small start-ups creating new software and growing their businesses through the benefits of the Spark programs. 

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