Increase your site’s stickiness with IE8

Stickiness is anything about a Web site that encourages a visitor to stay longer. A Web site is sticky if a visitor tends to stay for a long time and to return.

If you can make your visitor spend more time at your site, they can be considered more loyal to the site and presumably somewhat more likely to be monetized, either via ads or purchases, whatever your business model may be.

IE8 can make your site stickier by leveraging the power of Web Slices.

A Web Slice is like visual RSS on steroids. Just like RSS, Web Slices allow developers to identify content from a site that updates regularly and push it to a reader, in this case IE8 itself. The main difference is that whilst an RSS feed is purely textual, Web Slices are presented within IE8 powered by HTML.

clip_image001 uses Web Slices to deliver daily updates regarding promotional deals. Typically a prospect customer would have to direct her browser to to find about the deal. By using Web Slices, can connect with their prospects even if they don’t visit their site, for each time a promotional deal is announced, it is broadcasted to their users’ browsers.

We will update this post to showcase other Web Slices created in the Gulf. You may also want to check our global Gallery for any Slices featuring content that’s appealing to you.

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