Imagine Cup Gulf 2010 – Regional Winners

On Saturday May 1, teams from around the Gulf arrived to the Atlantis Hotel to compete in the Imagine Cup Gulf 2010 Regional Finals.  May 3 was the big competition day, where the teams presented their software design innovations in front of a panel of judges.  Teams had ideas ranging from entrepreneurial websites, recycling innovations, traffic solutions, to health applications. 

First Place: Kuwait – TWTD


The American University of Kuwait Team created and tested a multi-touch tutoring system for the physically challenged (TWTD).  TWTD is educational software that uses markers and web-cam as a method of interacting with computers. The initial prototype was tested in Kuwaiti schools. It includes lessons for English, Math, Shapes and Science. 

Second Place: Oman – Show Me The Traffic


Web application that provides graphical information that describes the level of the traffic on roads using Microsoft “Bing Maps”. The web server of the solution will receive data from traffic detectors. Each detector consists of laser, laser receiver and data sending device.

Third Place: Bahrain – Cash Trash


A multifunctional smart recycle bin that will be used by public to dispose any recyclable materials.  The device contains a system that will count points for users for every time they use the device, of which the points will be exchanged for valuable vouchers for the user.

Fourth Place: UAE – Ear it


Addresses the global concern of hearing impairment by providing a low cost, easy-to-use mobile phone application to test a user’s degree of hearing (detection of hearing loss) at several frequency and pitch bands.

The software application Ear it will be The top 4 teams will be heading to Warsaw, Poland in July to represent their country in the Worldwide Imagine Cup Finals.

Mobile Category – Sponsored by du: Oman, Find Me Taxi


Winner of the Mobile Category Award, sponsored by du.  Allows people to book the best available taxi using real time information about available taxis.

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