7 Ways to Change the World Competition!


To celebrate the launch of Windows 7 we are announcing an exciting new online competition called 7 Ways to Change the World! The competition encourages people to submit their ideas on how technology can help a nonprofit have a greater impact in the community.

How do you enter?

Step 1: Visit this website to find out more about the contest:  http://www.7waystochangetheworld.com.  Note, you must be a US Citizen and NOT a Microsoft Employee to be elligible.  See site for more details.

Step 2: Create a 2-minute video explaining how you believe a Windows PC could help a nonprofit make a greater impact.  It might be a food bank managing their inventory or an environmental group tracking deforestation, the possibilities are endless!

Step 3: Submit your entry by November 11th, 2009

Step 4: Stay tuned between November 16-24th when the 7 winners will be announced, one winner will be announced on each of the 7 weekdays.

What do you win?

There will actually be 7 winners, and each person who submits a winning entry will receive a new PC with Windows 7 and a $7,000 grant for their chosen non-profit organization.

Want more information?

Get the latest news on the event via Twitter and Facebook

Kind Regards

Tom Murphy

Corporate Communications, Citizenship & Community Affairs

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