Whitepaper: How to Extend, Integrate or Build on Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform

Hi folks,

This is Vlad Eydelman, I work on technical strategy with global partners in the Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) space. Charles Fichter, an Architect on our team, and I just published a whitepaper that provides an overview on how different Microsoft BI/DW technologies relate in the BI spectrum. More importantly, it talks about how you can take advantage of integration and extensibility capabilities in Microsoft BI platform and tools to build or extend your own products/solutions and surface those to your customers. We also show you real-world scenarios how other ISVs and customers in the Enterprise and Mid-Market space build or integrate with the platform in their offerings.

We take you on the lap around BI Platform technologies such as Data Integration, Connectivity, Reporting, OLAP, Scorecards, Data Mining/Predictive Analytics, Portal and Collaboration, etc. and relate them to a BI Pyramid.

BI Pyramid

Each step in the pyramid does not necessarily imply the dependency on the previous block but shows more of the spectrum and what are you trying to achieve in the BI landscape. For example, you might already be offering extensive reporting capabilities in your products and now looking for that next step toward pervasive BI. In the paper, we explain what those next steps might be for you to build on top of the platform or extend it for your needs.

So whether you’re just starting exploring BI capabilities and thinking about how to surface those within your applications for your customers or looking for the next level in the BI Pyramid, check out this paper for ideas and start discovering the possibilities.

Download the whitepaper by clicking here or for a full view of published Business Intelligence Whitepapers, visit http://www.microsoft.com/bi/resourcecenter/whitepapers.aspx.

Vlad Eydelman – Senior Program Manager, Global Partner Team

Charles Fichter – Senior Architect, Global Partner Team

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