Windows 7 Learning “Snack”

Hungry for more info on how Windows 7 can help you? Microsoft Learning just launched its first Windows 7 Learning Snack called Introducing Windows 7. A Snack is essentially a short, Silverlight presentation highlighting popular topics that includes various animations and recorded demos.

The Introducing Windows 7 Snack which focuses on a couple of key areas:

  • Improved Accessibility (through BranchCache and DirectAccess)

  • Enhanced Security (via new Applocker tool and improved BitLocker capabilities)

  • Increased Operational Efficiency (quick preview of PowerShell 2.0 and enhanced Group Policy features)

  • Easier Desktop Deployment (a look at the DISM tool)

If you like this Snack, stay tuned over the next few weeks for a deeper look at more topics around Windows 7, including: Using the Troubleshooting Platform on Windows 7, Implementing User Account Control, Setting up a Home Network and the Desktop Experience in Win7.  Visit the Snack webpage to view other currently available Snacks covering topics like Virtualization, Web 2.0, Silverlight, etc.


Tamir Bar-Haim | Audience Marketing Manager | Microsoft |

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