Economic Stimulus for Educational Communities

This is such an exciting time to serve the education market. The government recognizes the role that education plays in a recovering economy. What does that mean for technology companies that serve education? image

A big portion of the $787 Billion Economic Stimulus Package has been earmarked for education, specifically for the acquisition of technology to support educational improvement. Specific examples include the use of technology to “increase parent involvement in schools; and the use of technology to collect, manage, and analyze data to enhance teaching and school improvement” as stated on the US Department of Education website. For more information on how Microsoft is working with ISV partner and the stimulus plan, visit the Microsoft Education Website.

Many ISV’s, such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt with its Learning Village solution, have had success offering exactly these type of solutions based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, with its rich collaboration, document management, and enterprise search capabilities. However, the stimulus package will accelerate adoption of key collaboration technologies in the coming months and there is a significant amount of unmet need in the market. Microsoft has many resources to help ISV’s build a SharePoint-based solution at Microsoft’s SharePoint Community Site.

Tyler Gannon

Global Partner Team

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