IDC Survey Features How the Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program Can Increase Revenue

There has been a lot of excitement lately by the software companies currently involved in the Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program.  The program presents software companies with an opportunity to license Microsoft products and redistribute these licenses alongside their own solutions for a fully licensed solution for customer.  This program can create an additional revenue stream for savvy ISVs.  If you’ve been considering whether to partake of the Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program, you can check out this white paper, recently released by the IDC to get the perspective of those currently in the program.  image


The survey the IDC completed describes what qualifies an ISV to take part in the program as well as the benefits, challenges and opportunities of the ISV Royalty program such as:

  • 84% of program members report an expected to increase in their Microsoft ISV Royalty revenue during the coming year.

  • 45% of survey respondents expect ISV Royalty revenue to increase 20% or more.

  • Nearly 70% of the participants in IDC’s Microsoft Royalty Survey indicated a high level of satisfaction with the program entrance requirements and ramp-up experience. Many cited Microsoft’s recently lowered revenue commitment as a driver for their satisfaction, telling interviewers that the lower commitment made program participation possible.

  • 77% reported that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the program’s enablement of a one-stop shop for their customers. From the ISV’s perspective, providing the end-to-end solution has significant business advantages.

Those surveyed in this online IDC research survey included ISV Royalty Program participants in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Whether you’re in one of these countries or someplace else, why not consider this opportunity in greater detail.  Isn’t everyone looking for increased revenue opportunities in this challenging economy?Read this IDC survey and consider the Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing program to potentially increase revenue for your company, as well as to provide customers with a fully licensed end-to-end solution.

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