Holiday Goodie Bag: Free C# and VB Coding Standards Reference Documents


Over the years, I've had the pleasure (and sometimes pain) of being involved in writing and maintaining the internal coding standards documents for nearly every company I've ever worked for. I present to you the latest incarnations of my efforts: a zip file containing C# and VB.NET editions of my reference coding standards. I certainly don't expect everyone to agree with my standards but I hope by posting these, your development team can get a head start towards documenting your own.

So forward this post and encourage your dev team to grab them, customize them and share them with friends. 

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Clint Edmonson | Architect Evangelist

Comments (3)

  1. Guy says:

    I was looking at you document looks nice. One question how close to StyleCop is it? If it is very close it would be nice to have this as StyleCop documentation. Maybe add the warning StyleCop would give if you don’t follow the style.

  2. Thanks for the interest! Since I’m no longer on working full time on development team, these documents were collecting dust on my hard drive. They predate StyleCop and I have not verified them against the default settings in the tool.

    StyleCop is definitely a good tool to add to your team’s build process. Due to the general and broad nature of the standards a development team may devise, I would estimate that an automated tool could verify upwards of 80% of the rules that a team will agree upon.

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