Q&A and demo of Factory Talk with Rockwell Automation

Rockwell logoWhether or not you are in the manufacturing industry, the recent  Rockwell Automation interview on Microsoft's Channel 9 is an informative show to watch.  Rockwell builds automation control and information solutions for manufacturing customers large and small, across most major consumer industries.  Hardware, software and services that automate processes and provide human/machine interfacing are among their broad portfolio of offerings.

This interview also contains a demo of their newly released FactoryTalk suite which extends the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture™ by providing an information tier of software applications and services for production and performance management. 

Watch this interview to hear about their long history with the Microsoft stack, such as Win32, COM, C# and Javascript and their excitement about Silverlight and working in the cloud as a way to provide rich interfaces in a thin client environment. Check out the interview and expand your knowledge of what other ISVs are doing in today's competitive environment.

Channel 9's Inside Out - Rockwell Automation Q&A with Factory Talk Demo

Also visit www.microsoft.com/isv for more great information and resources for ISVs doing business with Microsoft.

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  1. 2008年11月20日,罗克韦尔(RockwellAutomation)发布了基于Silverlight的FactoryTalkViewPoint软件包。

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