Baking Security In: SDL Awareness


If you missed the announcements last week at Tech Ed in Barcelona Spain, here are some highlights for all of you who are designing, managing and developing software applications.  Read on to understand the benefits of introducing security and privacy early and throughout the development process. 

Microsoft is publishing SDL processes guidance, tools and training available for every developer as part of our commitment to supporting a more secure and trustworthy computing ecosystem.  The latest set of tools and guidance are now available at  Or, you can visit the site to download a variety of items to learn about SDL.


Three new SDL related programs and tools were released as follows:

  • The Microsoft SDL Optimization Model, a strategic framework which facilitates consistent and cost-effective implementation of the SDL in development organizations outside of Microsoft.

  • The Microsoft SDL Pro Network, a network of nine security training and consulting companies who can guide and support organizations in implementing the SDL in their environments.

  • The Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool v3, a tool which allows developers to identify and mitigate potential security issues early, offering a methodology that any software architect can lead effectively.

Check out these great resources for your development team and thanks for your contribution to a more secure and trustworthy computing ecosystem.

Shawn Tng

Lead Program Manager, Security

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