Q&A with Blue Star Infotech’s Senior Solution Architect

During PDC ’09, the Channel 9 team was hard at work connecting with many of the ISVs that were attending. Channel 9 host, Charles Torre, had an opportunity to talk with Blue Star Infotech’s, Mehul Shah, a Microsoft Certified Gold partner. The interview is informative and worth watching. Here are a few highlights for your reading pleasure. To view the full interview, simply click here.

Channel 9 guy Charles Torre: What particular technologies to you evangelize for Microsoft?

Blue Star Infotech logo Mehul Shah: It depends. We have different practices that focus on different kinds of customers. Our practice in the US is amore about serving the ISV community and we help them build solutions using Microsoft technologies and have worked with them throughout the product life cycle. And the technology platform is vast, you know, custom applications using .Net, using SQL Server as database and the BI platform, and using SharePoint and Office Client for building the productivity related tools on top of the core offering. Doing a lot of cool user interface stuff using WBF on the desktop side and Silverlight on the web. And we are just working with some of the ISVs, helping them leverage some of these services on the Cloud that are offered by Microsoft, for especially the SQL Server data services.

Channel 9 guyCharles Torre: Nice! SQL Services.

Blue Star Infotech logoMehul Shah: Its an interesting use case and one that I realize that here is being talked about a lot. While its not ready, you know, to be hosted, you know SQL Server, to have that kind of capacity in terms of transaction management, queries and all of the other database aspects that you always learn. It’s a very optimal platform to store unstructured data, and that’s what we are doing with one of the SaaS ISV providers, where they would continue to use the SQL installation for managing the transaction data, but a lot of the data that is unstructured in nature, and you’re not going to query on it a lot, they are going to put it on SQL Server Data Services so that you don’t load your own servers with that additional data which is difficult to predict in terms of the capacity you will need. Also, you are not choking the network bandwidth because its something that goes directly from the users desktop to the Cloud, and from the Cloud to the desktop. So your servers don’t even come into play, so you are optimizing and managing your network bandwidth very effectively.

Channel 9 guyCharles Torre: Absolutely.

To view the full interview, click below and don’t forget to visit www.microsoft.com/isv to learn about the work of other compelling ISVs.


Channel 9's Inside Out - Mehul Shah of Blue Star Infotech

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