Coroware CTO Talks About Future Of Robotics

clip_image002Recently Channel 9 host Charles Torre had an opportunity to talk with David Hyams, Coroware’s Chief Technology Officer.  Coroware is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner with a unique focus on architecture, design and development of unmanned system solutions, or robotics.

Charles Torre:  Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your company does.

David Hyams:  Well I’ve had a long interesting career.  A lot of that has been spent in and around Microsoft, going back to the late 80s and early 90s, having worked on many, many different projects.  But more recently, my partner, Lloyd Spencer and I started Coroware back in 2003.  The primary focus that we wanted to put into a company was to build into what we saw was a lot of coming automation.   Our company is really driven through the desire to automate in all spaces.  Therefore, we actually do a lot of automation work in and around Microsoft.

Charles Torre:  Excellent, let’s talk a little bit about automation for the people in the audience.  That’s kind of a broad word.

David Hyams:  Yes, it is.

Charles Torre:  So, what do you mean?

David Hyams:  Well, in fact, if you break it down a little bit, we work with business systems, so there’s automation in the sense that workflows and applications now do a lot more thinking and require the user to be able, or enable the user, a lot more productivity, to get a lot more work done by not having to become schooled on what the application needs for information.  The application requests that information from the end user at the appropriate time.

Charles Torre:  Interesting.

David Hyams:  When it comes to our other work in robotics for instance, we do a lot of automation towards the future where we think robotics is going to serve a lot stronger role both in consumer products and in industry.

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