Perfectly Matched


So, what comes to mind when you hear "Perfectly Matched?"  For me, even though I'm a country boy, I think of a great wine and food pairing. OK to be honest, maybe I also think of Andy Griffith and Barney Fife,  the Dukes of Hazzard boys, and Miss Daisy and Hoke.  My boss thinks of Forrest Gump and Captain Dan J

"Perfectly Matched" is the name of a partner campaign that our team has recently launched.  As Director of the Microsoft Partner Team, I spend a lot of time thinking about how Microsoft can be a better partner and help our ISV colleagues gain more awareness and drive more leads.  The  centerpiece of  “Perfectly Matched” is a co-sponsored insert in the May 15th edition of CIO magazine  that features 16 Microsoft enterprise ISV partners. (check it out here).  Not only did this insert hit the desk of 145,000 subscribers, but we also distributed it at Collaborate 08, SAPPHIRE 08 (Orlando & Berlin), and CIO Leadership.  Please be sure to visit to learn more about these great partners. 

Partner exposure is very exciting, but I am also very pumped up about what we are doing within Microsoft to better equip our sales force with a deeper knowledge of these companies.  "ISV Derby 08" was created with this in mind.  This internal program was designed as an entertaining and educational online horse race that rates people on how well they answer questions about our ISV partners.   This was a fun and fast way for our field colleagues to learn more about these valuable partners and I was surprised to learn that the game was played over 21,000 times!

These two activities should help our customers learn more about the enterprise level solutions offered by Microsoft ISV Partners and get the most out of their investments.  

We will do more next year so stay tuned.


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