It Must be the Coffee…

Oracle is courting Microsoft ISVs with a series of events targeted directly at our Gold partners. That initiative has caused me to ponder the intriguing question “Why would a Microsoft partner invest time attending these events?”

Oracle thinks you should attend for three reasons. I will address them in turn:

  1. Broaden Market Reach
    Really?! Microsoft is second to none when it comes to market reach. Microsoft SQL Server is experiencing incredible momentum and is positioned perfectly to support the future growth of our ISVs. The momentum was further fueled by the February 27th launch of SQL Server 2008 that adds improved functionality in the areas of Enterprise Data Platform, Business Intelligence and Database Development. 

  2. Lower Application Development Costs
    Well, here is some recommended reading for Larry Ellison’s book club: “Microsoft ISV/Software Solutions Competency: Partner Pathway to Business Performance”. In this survey IDC recognizes that owing to lower R&D costs Microsoft partners are more profitable than anyone else out there:
    “Microsoft partners spent less on research and development than non-Microsoft ISVs—an average 33 percent and 50 percent of revenue, respectively—and invested the bulk of the savings on sales and marketing efforts, granting them a leg up in market share, researchers said.”
    Read more here. And download the full study here.

  3. Maximize Revenue
    If the study above didn’t convince you, invest an hour of your time on the Microsoft ISV Profitability Site. There is no platform vendor more committed to the financial success of its partners than Microsoft. ISVs are offered various lucrative programs that are built to support their individual business models. Prominently among these programs is the ISV Royalty Program that empowers ISVs to embed Microsoft products in their customer offerings on very advantageous terms.

Now, that leads me to the conclusion that the only reason people would want to attend the Oracle events would be to get a free cup of coffee. If that is indeed the case please send me an e-mail ( and I will personally expedite a gift card to “Seattle’s Best Coffee” to you. That way you can spend your day on something productive like visiting the links above – and after all, what do they know about great coffee down in the Bay Area anyway?

Stig Panduro

Marketing Manager

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  1. Tony says:

    you have to realize those people are human, they are not all that rational. just like the people in microsoft, they have sentiment about certain techonologies and they  want to maximize their own personal benefit instead of making the best rational choice.

  2. Petit post intéressant sur le blog Microsoft Corp destiné aux éditeurs de logiciels (que je vous encourage

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