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Hi, I’m Eddie Amos the General Manager of Microsoft’s Worldwide Independent Software Vendor (ISV) team.  I have perhaps the coolest job at Microsoft.  Think about it for a minute, what other job gives you the opportunity to work so many different and diverse companies who develop great software products that take advantage of the Microsoft platform.   I find it somewhat ironic that my professional career and hobbies seem to overlap.  When I’m not working with the ISV community, you can usually find me building software interfaces for my HAM radio, writing code for friends and participating in various on-line communities.  My home is a working laboratory in terms of technology.  While it doesn’t always make my wife happy, it does give me an opportunity to stay abreast of what’s happening in the industry (now if I only get her to use the ERP system to run our household).

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work for organizations like the U.S. Navy, General Services Administration, Lotus Development, Chase and webMethods.  Each of these jobs has provided me with a unique view into how software is designed and used in the industry today.  It’s this prospective that drives me work with our partners to build unique solutions to make our joint customers successful.

ISV’s have always been a key part of Microsoft's overall partner strategy.  The partners we work with span all business ecosystems, industry verticals, and locations around the globe. We are excited to launch this blog as a way to facilitate an open channel of communications with the ISV community to provide access to the various programs and technologies we offer.

If you are looking for information and resources designed specifically for ISVs, a good place to start is www.microsoft.com/isv.  This site brings together some useful resources to get you going.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about content you’d like to see on the Microsoft ISV Portal, or questions about ISV programs and resources, feel free to post them in the blog comment section.

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  1. Hi Eddie,

    It might be good to have a post explaining how all the ISV technical resources fit together/overlap and who they are available to.

    Also, what the ideal Developer Evangelist/Architect evangelist should be doing with their partner ISVs.

    There seems to be at least 3 different US organizations (from the outside, looking in anyway) The Global ISV team (US & Global?), the US Developer Evangelism team (US) and the US High Potential Managed ISV team (US).

    There are 2 other US tech ISV blogs that I know of:

    US HiPo


    US ISV Developer Evangelism


    Then, of course there are the country specific ones too, such as the UK ISV blog (needs a little more content 😉


    Remember, many ISVs have to deal with each Microsoft country separately, so a list of global ISV resources in one place would be nice, i.e UK ISV site/blog, French ISV site/blog etc.  There are probably many ISVs who operate globally, but are not in the Microsoft Global ISV program.

    BTW, very much looking forward to attending the PSR this year.


  2. Today I came across a blog called Microsoft on ISVs : About Microsoft on ISVs ISV’s have always been

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