AlphaJax and forever ‘Shuffling Tiles’

I’m a big fan of AlphaJax for Windows Phone, mostly because it’s a Microsoft Studios product and it’s something other than Words With Friends! Lately though, when I open the app, it tells me that it’s ‘shuffling tiles’ and just sits there until it errors out, letting me know if can’t reach the XBOX Live…


Shaping up with Kinect in 14 days – Day 6

Again I mixed it up a bit tonight, doing pretty much the same workout I did last night. So not much more I can add, except for the stats! Calories burned: 203 Total Calories burned since day 1: 1103 Jason


Shaping up with Kinect in 14 days – Day 5

Tonight I decided to mix things up a bit and rotate through a bunch of different workouts: Cardio Boxing Stack em up Loop-a-hoop Light race Virtual Smash Zen Cardio Boxing is still the best for calorie burning (and fun), with Stack em up being the least effective (although also fun and it does work some…


Shaping up with Kinect in 14 days – Day 3

This workout was a little easier, so maybe my body is getting into the rhythm of things, or it’s just past the point of hurting anymore I started my workout today with some fitness classes, including Cardio Boxing (which I love btw!) and some Zen (Yoga). After burning 167 calories in those two classes,  I…


Shaping up with Kinect in 14 days – Day 2

Tonight was hard! My muscles are still aching from the first workout – in fact they hurt more today than they did last night! Still, I pushed through the pain with the hope that it would get better as each day goes on. Besides, I couldn’t disappoint you, dear reader Tonight I did three separate…


Shaping up with Kinect in 14 days – Day 1

Aside from all of the fun reasons why I got a Kinect, one of the things I was really interested in was using it as an exercise device. With 2 little kids and a hectic job, I’m finding it harder and harder to get to the gym. Lucky for me, I was chosen a few…