Shaping up with Kinect in 14 days – Day 2

Tonight was hard! My muscles are still aching from the first workout – in fact they hurt more today than they did last night!

Still, I pushed through the pain with the hope that it would get better as each day goes on. Besides, I couldn’t disappoint you, dear reader Smile

Tonight I did three separate workouts:

  1. The “Nice & Easy” personal training program (which isn’t easy btw)
  2. Virtual Smash
  3. Cardio

Calories burned: 177
Total Calories burned since day 1: 296

A few notes:

  • I’ve resisted weighing myself so far as I don’t think it will have changed just yet, but I will add it from Day 5.
  • In addition to these workouts, I’m also trying to eat better, but I’m not ‘on a diet’ per se. I’m just trying to make the right choices where possible.


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  1. JUngerer001 says:


    Thumbs up on your workouts thus far. I just wanted to know how you are able to swop between the 3 workouts, as I have "super user syndrome".

    Otherwise, keep up the good work.


  2. OfficialPeri says:

    Nice Work, I done the same amount of cal's in 3 sessions, so your certainly pushing yourself! Though I have stuck to the Mens Health programs with the use of weights, even though I go to the gym 3 times a week, Your Shape just manages to find muscles never used before.

    Diet is key though, protein shakes after excerise and in the morning (morning is key) to repairing your body and limiting muscle strain.

    Also is there a way to link up the Your Shape program with yours? Would be good to measure against scores etc for fun?


  3. @Jungerer001 – You can easily awap between the workouts by selecting the Finish button and then moving the the Activity Selection (you may need to do this a couple of times to get back to the main menu).

  4. @OfficialPeri – Thanks man, I appreciate it! I'll give the protein shakes a try and see how they go 🙂

    re linking programs – you can do that through – my username is UsefulShrimp.

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