Garth Fort on Consumerization of IT

Garth Fort, General Manager of Microsoft’s Security and Management Division, discusses what IT leaders are starting to see as a result of consumerization of IT, the security and management implications, and offers advice on how CIOs can manage the influx of consumer devices entering the workplace. [Video]

Brad Anderson on IT’s Central Role in Attracting Best and Brightest

  This post is an interview with Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Management & Security Division Companies often interview/hire employees who are resistant to IT control over the devices they use for work and collaboration. What’s your sense on just how much of a challenge this is today? Brad Anderson: I don’t think it is necessarily…

How to Make Clearer Cloud Decisions

By Paula Klein, TechWeb CIOs seem to “get” the strategic benefits of cloud computing — agility, better resource utilization and more flexible budgeting. At the same time, questions persist about when to leverage corporate data centers and when to use public options for application hosting and development. For some IT executives, the indecision stems from…

A Pragmatic Approach to Security in the Cloud

  This is a guest post by Jean-Philippe Courtois, President, Microsoft International The pressure to do more with less is familiar to most, if not all CIOs. Successful CIOs have to quickly master the skill of understanding and managing both change, and the associated risks, with a degree of pragmatism to achieve progress and results….

Top Considerations in Moving to the Public Cloud

This is a guest post by Tony Tai, Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Online Services. As a product manager for Office 365, I focus each day on addressing our customers’ current and future needs for cloud workloads. Recently, I created a framework of key considerations for taking a public cloud approach.  As you assess your…


Social in the Enterprise

“The opportunity is that your organization can be more agile, more innovative, more efficient than ever before… The challenge is, we have to govern things well.” Recently I sat down with Christian Finn, Director, SharePoint, Microsoft, to get his thoughts on social media, new devices and collaboration in the enterprise. Steven Ramirez: Now that social…


In Social Media, is Privacy the First Casualty?

Last December on TechCrunch, Rohit Khare posted an article called “Privacy Theater: Why Social Networks Only Pretend To Protect You.” In it, he deconstructed the data breach at RockYou, in which thirty-two million user accounts were exposed via a SQL injection attack. What’s notable is not the breach itself—these happen all too often—but that apparently…


The Next Level of Productivity

Originally published on the Microsoft CIO Network. Join today. Thinking back to CES in Las Vegas, one of the things that stood out was the tremendous increase in choice for consumers when it comes to accessing and consuming information. There is the promise of “healthy” competition in the foreseeable future, bringing with it the fact…