Transforming Technology into Corporate Value

What does Intel VP and CIO Diane Bryant see as her company’s top challenges? How does she balance corporate priorities? If the trend of more women entering the IT field is to continue or accelerate, what factors will help attract them? Watch as Microsoft CTO Barry Briggs finds the answers in this CIO Network interview….

From Local to Global: The Role of IT in Supporting Worldwide Competition

How is IT helping a once local brand grow to global proportions, make better decisions, and increase its competitive edge? To learn the answers, check out this CIO Network interview with Carlsberg Group VP and CIO, Kenneth Schmidt, conducted by Microsoft Director and Worldwide Strategy Lead for Business Intelligence, Bruno Aziza.  [View:]

The Future of Productivity: A Microsoft Insider View

[View:] Many potential barriers can prevent information workers from making the most of corporate IP to make informed decisions. Join Microsoft Director and Worldwide Strategy Lead for Business Intelligence Bruno Aziza and Microsoft SVP and Information Worker PM Chris Capossela as they discuss the issues behind getting the right information into people’s hands, the challenges…

3 Top Microsoft Execs Talk Consumerization of IT

On Tuesday, April 5th, the Microsoft CIO Network hosted an executive webcast on the Consumerization of IT. Stephanie Stahl, Executive Editor, Techweb, moderated an outstanding panel consisting of Chris Capossela, Sr. Vice President, Microsoft Business Division, Andy Lees, President, Mobile Communications Business, and Tony Scott, Corporate VP and CIO. I encourage you to register to…


Facebook and Docs—Office Web Apps the Easy Way

Originally published on the Microsoft CIO Network. Join today. Last November, Facebook announced a new messaging service that will connect you with your friends and family without regard for which transport mechanism each person prefers. You can read the blog post “See the Messages that Matter” by Joel Seligstein, for details. Enter DocsWhat wasn’t in…


With the Cloud, What Happens to Outsourcing?

Originally published on the Microsoft CIO Network. Join today. Over the years, outsourcing has been a proven strategy to lower costs, manage complexity and free IT to become more strategic in making the business more profitable. But with the emergence of cloud computing as a viable alternative to accomplishing these same goals, what happens to…


Getting “Mission Critical” Right

A while ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Microsoft’s CIO Tony Scott to talk about “mission critical” applications. (See “Interview with Tony Scott on Mission Critical in Today’s Enterprise.”) Since that interview, I’ve done some additional thinking on the topic and wanted to share that here. Tony offered some great insights and,…


The Path We Take Together

What if you built a campus and let the students decide where the sidewalks should go? Years ago I recall reading something about Pepperdine University. According to the story, when the campus was first built in Malibu, California, there were no sidewalks. What the university decided to do instead was to see which paths students…