The Data Deluge

Take an exclusive look into the Microsoft US Spring 2012 CIO Summit as Kenneth Cukier, Data Editor from the Economist shares his thoughts on the data deluge.


Is "big data" on your agenda? According to most analysts, it should be. How a business uses data today has significant implications for how competitive can be. As data volumes continue to explode, the challenge is not only how to store and manage that data but also (and equally importantly) how to use analytics to effectively derive insight from the data to make smarter business decisions. How can you transform the raw data available to your business-both captured by your systems and available through public and commercial sources-into business value and strategic advantage?
In this session, Kenneth Cukier, Data Editor for The Economist, will look at why big data has become one of the most important topics for both technology and business leaders today and the opportunities (and challenges) that big data represents for every enterprise.
Want to hear more from Kenn?  follow his blog at or on Twitter: @kncukier.

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