The Business Platform in Action: Three Examples

Published February 28, 2011

The following examples illustrate some of the benefits today’s IT leaders are gaining for their organizations by embracing an integrated platform approach powered by the Microsoft Application Platform.

 Eurosport Group

By building on the Microsoft Application Platform, Eurosport Group has gained a lower total cost of ownership from its server consolidation and from other efficiencies gained. The leading pan-European TV channel, Eurosport is broadcast in 20 languages reaching 118 million homes and 240 million viewers across 59 countries.

 Upgrading to the latest product versions on the Microsoft Application Platform has provided Eurosport with a number of benefits including lower TCO through server consolidation, easier reporting, reduced storage needs through use of data compression, and easier database management.

 “We saw licensing costs reduced by about 80 percent.”

—Stephane Gaude, Eurosport Group Manager of Infrastructure

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Longo Brothers Fruit Markets

To meet its management and profitability goals, Toronto-based Longo Brothers Fruit Markets (Longo’s) chose a third-party application which runs on the Microsoft Application Platform. The move has provided the premium grocery chain with an improved workforce management solution, an enhanced user experience, and a better view into its business.

 By choosing the Microsoft Application Platform, Longo’s now has a better view into its business, an enhanced experience for users, and more efficient systems administration across all elements of workforce management. In addition, total costs of ownership have been dialed down compared to earlier solutions.

 “Dayforce and the Microsoft Application Platform combine to provide significant value to our operations.”

—Dave Mastroieni, Longo’s Vice President of Store Operations

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Esurance’s reliance on the Microsoft Application Platform is yielding several benefits, including strong performance and scalability, solid reliability, ease of development and administration, rich reporting and analysis tools, and low total costs. One of the top names in direct-to-consumer automobile insurance, Esurance offers convenient and reliable coverage in 30 states.

The company’s use of the Microsoft Application Platform enables Esurance to support high transaction rates without downtime. A rich feature set and strong interoperability are helping developers to be more productive. At the same time, ease of administration is freeing database administrators to work on new projects, and rich business intelligence tools allow Esurance to give decision makers access to needed information—all at a low total cost of ownership.

“As the company has continued to grow, the Microsoft Application Platform has met our needs very well—with minimal additional investment.”

—Arun Ganesan, Esurance Director of Data Management

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