Charting Your Course to the Cloud

Earlier this week at TechEd North America, CVP Robert Wahbe had the opportunity to talk to thousands of IT professionals and developers about evolving trends in technology, the incredible changes in the device landscape and how Microsoft is helping them keep their skills fresh to manage through these changes. Of course, cloud computing was a key part of the entire discussion.

In his keynote, Wahbe talked about three benefits of cloud computing: agility, focus, and economics. On the Official Microsoft Blog, Wahbe explored the economics in greater depth:

“The economics of public cloud may be compelling, and we do see certain workloads moving to the public cloud already, but there are many reasons why broad adoption won’t happen overnight: security concerns, regulatory issues, and integration with existing applications top the list in my discussions with customers. It is concerns like these that make private cloud computing a vital part of a broader cloud strategy for many of our customers. All of that adds up to a great deal of heterogeneity for the next several years and, along with that, the need for options.

“While I believe the economics will influence the ultimate destination for our industry, they don’t chart the course or set the pace for your organization. You do.”

To read the blog, “Charting Your Course to the Cloud,” in its entirety visit the Official Microsoft Blog.

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