Upcoming Developer Webcasts: SharePoint, Windows Mobile & Embedded, Silverlight and Cloud Services

Here are the upcoming Microsoft Developer Webcasts this week. Topics include SharePoint development, App Lifecycle Mgt, Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded and Cloud services.   MSDN Webcast: Software Configuration Management (Level 300) In this webcast we show you basic and advanced branching structures, tips and tricks for promoting your code from development to production, and how…

Developer Webcasts: SharePoint, Game Development, VSTO, Windows Mobile, Cloud Services

Here is a list of upcoming Microsoft Developer Webcasts for this week. Topics include SharePoint development, Windows Mobile, Cloud Services, VSTO and Game Development.   MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Products and Technologies for Internet Site Development: Getting Started (Level 100) In this webcast, we set up an environment for developing Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies solutions….