Lighter Webcast Registration

We took a small step on removing some of the registration pages from our on-demand webcasts. If you view most of the recent (past two years) on-demand MSDN or TechNet webcasts on our Webcast Series landing page you’ll notice that the number of clicks it takes to view the webcast went down from seven to just three. Our goal will be to get it down to one.

So why’s this taking so long? I was hoping to get this done months ago, but trying to fix the problem within the existing infrastructure has proven to be frustrating and perplexing. This is a temporary workaround as we work on pulling our content onto new servers and building new landing pages that we hope will make finding the content much easier. So if you view the webcasts through some of our other MSDN and TechNet pages, or using the Search box you might still have to go through the standard registration process but it should be fine using this site. I like these series landing pages anyway as the best way to surf our webcast content.

Try it out. Let me know your thoughts…

Webcast Series Landing Page:

Scott Lum

Comments (1)

  1. Andy says:

    Excellent leap in the right direction !

    Suggest Windows PowerShell as a destination …

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