Take a Virtual SQL Server 2008 Test Drive

SQL Server 2008 will not be out until later this year but you can try out the new features in a virtual hands-on lab environment right now in SQL Server 2008 Test Drive. It’s virtual so there’s no need to download or install the server bits and it’s guided so you can learn about the features step-by-step or play around with SQL Server 2008 on your own. The accompanying videos highlight some of the new features before you launch the test drive.

Topics include:

1.       Policy-based management

2.       SQL Server Extended Events (Xevents)

3.       Database Mirroring (Virtual Lab pending)

4.       Reporting Services Enhancements

5.       Dimension Designer

6.       Change Data Capture

7.       T-SQL Enhancements

8.       Building Occasionally Connected Systems – mobility synchronization

9.       Hierarchy ID

10.   Table Value Parameters + MERGE Statement

11.   XML Enhancements


SQL Server Test Drive: http://www.microsoft.com/heroeshappenhere/TestDrive/sql-server-2008/default.mspx

More SQL Server 2008 Webcasts and Virtual Labs: http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/msdnsqlserver2008.aspx?tab=webcasts

Heroes Happen Here Launch site: http://www.microsoft.com/heroeshappenhere/default.mspx


Scott Lum

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