Tech·Ed 2007 Online: Training and Resources

TechEd 2007 has come and gone. Those who came here had a great time and learned alot. Even though you didn't attend TechEd 2007 in person, some of the events have been included as part of a webcast to help you stay update on the latest and greatest from Microsoft. Also be sure to check our virtual labs and podcasts as well.


George, MCSE

The new MCP guy...



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  1. ZaakeraS says:

    George, thanks a million for providing this link to folks who want TechEd content but were not able to attend the event.  I own the site and would love to let folks know that we have posted about 25 of the full session recordings from Orlando and about that same number of virtual labs online.  All can be found from the web link above.  We also recorded great impromptu ‘fish bowl’ video’s in Orlando and Australia where folks can get shorter snippets of content from TechEd speakers and technology leaders.  Soon we will have star ratings and feedback forms for these so would love to have folks check it out and let us know what they think.  Thanks again!


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