It’s very quiet on the Microsoft Campus…


There are very few folks this week on the Microsoft corporate campus, and actually there’s almost one here in building 22, 42, or 43…even the cafeteria is closed. I think after the November launch of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005, most of us were looking forward to the holiday season to travel and or to spend time with families. I personally find Christmas to be my favorite holiday of the year, and usually take of the last two weeks as downtime to get Christmas shopping done, and reflect upon the passing year and the New Year ahead of me. 

This time around, I'm working through the holidays, as I'm trying to get some last minute things done at work before my military deployment to Afghanistan in January. As many of you many know by now, I've been activated for Psychological Operations duty in Afghanistan with the US Army. I'll be out after January 1st, and Bryan Baker will be taking over as the MSDN Webcasts guy for the next year or so, until I return. You'll see Bryan Baker and Angela Brobst posting here to let you guys know with what's new that coming from MSDN Webcasts. If there is technical content you would like to produce, just let us know on this blog or on the evaluations after the webcast. Also you can usually find the speaker blogs on and let the speakers know directly on what you would like to see in the future on MSDN Webcasts. If I don't talk to anyone before the end of 2005 five, I hope everyone has something to look forward to in 2006, and that you get to enjoy a few quiet moments with your family before 2005 is over.

All the Best,

Georgeo X. Pulikkathara, MSDN Webcasts


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  1. J Bryan Kramer says:

    Just a note to thank you for your service to the country and to wish you a safe return from the War Zone.

    Good Luck and God speed your return.


  2. Bill Burrows [MVP] says:

    I wanted to second BK’s comments. Your service to the country is greatly appreciated.

    Be safe … bill

  3. paul says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done to make the MSDN Webcasts part of our lives. Stay safe, keep healthy and blog when you get the chance.

  4. Trevor says:

    Have fun at Bragg.

  5. kevinbri says:

    Good luck Georgeo! If the OPSEC Gods will let you, try to drop a blog post update on your well being sometime. – Kevin

  6. Thank you guys. I really appreciate the kind words. I hope to return as well and pick up where I left of if at all possible. I’ve really enjoyed the work we’ve done on MSDN Webcasts, and it’s not everyday we can say we enjoy our work and have fun doing it.

    George, MSDN Webcasts

  7. Ed Kaim says:

    Good luck Georgeo!

  8. Kim Anthony says:

    Take care G…wish you all the success on your mission and we pray for your safe return.


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