George is in the Army Now!

As many of you may know, George has recently (and suddenly) been recalled to active military duty (bum knee and all). Beginning next week, First Lieutenant George is heading out to spend 9 intense weeks serving his country at Ft. Bragg, NC. to be retrained as a psychological operations officer in the US Army Special Operations Command – with a possible second deployment to follow in the summer of 2006.

He'll be back in the saddle right before PDC ready to rock and roll in LA!

So for the short term, Angela Brobst and myself (Bryan Baker) will be filling in on his Blogging duties to keep you in the know on the MSDN Webcast latest.

(Bryan Baker, filling in for GeorgeoP)

Comments (1)

  1. JoeStagner says:

    BEST of luck George – see you when you’re back !

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