Randy Choco rides again at TechEd 2005

I'm sitting here getting ready to do a presentation with Rob Stagno our General Manager of Relationship Marketing up here in Tarrytown, NY for the Direct Marketing Education Foundation(DMEF). I can't think of a better way to relax that do a blog post while I'm waiting for our turn at the podium. I wanted to share these pictrures with you to show you more faces from our Microsoft webcasts team.


After watching the Teched 2005 Podcast team ride around on the Segways Human Transporters during the first half of the week, Randy Choco,  who leads our Microsoft Webcasts Team, decided to test-drive the podcasts teams Segways. After working at the webcasts booths, checking on our live simulcasts, and ensuring that the webcasts team is doing okay, Randy take a few minutes to test-drive the Segway. It really is a very cool way to get around. I took these pictures on my Mortorola MPx220, which as a 1.2 Megapixel camera built it. It's not as sharp as my film camera, but it gets the point acorss. I'm always glad to see our team having fun at what we do.

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