Dr. Joe Hummel Presents Live from TechEd 2005!

Dr Joe Hummel was presenting his last webcast that’s part of the Modern Software Development Using C# webcast series from the TechEd 2005 Podcast Team Room. Thanks to his many years as a college professor, Dr. Joe was completely unfazed by the folks driving around him on Segways as they got ready for another podcast attack at TechEd 2005. Dr. Hummel’s live webcast from TechEd 2005 was also podcast live at http://www.videoblogcast.net/. Thanks to Pete Grondal, Mike Hall, Paul Mooney, and Kevin Maude, and others for their generosity in sharing their crew quarters with the Microsoft Webcasts team. Guys - we owe you one!



George, MSDN Webcasts

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