Sometimes Things Just Don’t Go As Planned. Be Ready For When Life Just Happens.

It was June, 1997. I was being moved as quickly as humanly possible from my new apartment at Bering Drive, Houston, Texas. This is my 1994 Isuzu Trooper right after it fell out the back of the moving truck in Houston, Texas. The moving truck even had the words professional movers on the right hand side of it. My new employers at the time, Royal Bank of Canada, has just recruited me away from AIG in Houston, Texas to come work in New York City to help move and rebuild the Royal Bank of Canada Dominion Securities trading floor from 160 Water Street, NY to One Liberty Plaza, NY, right across from the World Trade Center. If the earlier incidents that day were any indication of what was to come, then my truck falling out of the back of the truck would not have been any big deal.

I had just gone to pick up my new home desktop computer that day, and while I was about to make a turn onto Westheimer Rd. I heard what sounded like a metal ricocheting of the ground. The parking lot groundskeeper had accidentally lopped off a piece of concrete from the sidewalk, and it just busted out the driver side window above my head and was bouncing around inside my truck. I got a hold of the security guard who saw it happen, and we were able to quickly get the shopping center where it happened to fix my window at my apartment, before the movers drove it onto the back of the moving van. The movers had slowing driven it onto the van and just as they finished driving onto the back, the mover who was driving my truck asked me, “Hey, is this is a V6? It’s sure got some horse power.” Or something to that effect. Then he floored it to see what it would do while it was on the ramps half way in the moving van.

Turns out the ramps were not secured to the moving van, so when the mover floored the gas pedal, all it did was throw the ramps straight back, and my Isuzu Trooper did the bouncy bounce. It took a month before they fixed that and shipped it to New York to me a month later.

My point about this story is you never know what’s going to happen to you, and you need to be prepared to deal with things in life, truck falling off the back of a moving van, large flying rock missing your head by a few inches, or what ever else life throws your way.

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