1 Million Webcast Viewings Celebration was today

Today we celebrated 1 million webcast viewings for this year. Our marketing VP, Jon Roskill, paid for the celebration party. We even had some of our more musically talented marketing members (Rob Stagno, Marc Tramonte, Dean Andrews, Erin Naumowicz, and Ben Reed, play their instruments and sing at the celebration. Over all, it was a big hit, and I’m glad folks had fun today. Dean Andrews, Sarah Kim, Mary Howell, and Randy Choco did a really great job planning this party. It was a really nice way to end the week and see my team mates having some fun.

So we’re almost at the end of our fiscal year, and we were able to reach 1 million viewings, increase customer satisfaction with our webcasts, and it looks like we’re going to get budget to continue the webcasts program next year. We had some issues with live meeting audio and registration with WWE this year, but we think we can do a better job tackling this next year. With Microsoft’s new fiscal year starting in July, I want us to see us do a better job with improving the registration experience, and make our webcasts enjoyable, and one of the easiest ways to learn about Microsoft technologies. If you’re going to be at TechEd, please stop by the webcasts booth and ask for George. I’m always happy to talk to folks who have watched our webcasts, and would love to hear what I can do better next year.

I took some pictures with my Nikon N65 35mm SLR, and will have the ready for viewing next week on this blog site. Yes, I’m using a film camera. I think the picture quality is much better, and I don’t mind waiting to publish the pictures.

Until next time,

George, MSDN Webcasts





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