Free webcast T-shirts at TechEd 2005

This is mock-up of the t-shirt. Okay, here's the deal. If you come by the webcasts and virutal labs booth at TechEd and show us that you've done one of the following, we'll give you a free T-shirt. To get your limited edition, classic webcasts t-shirt at TechEd 2005, show us one of the following:

  1. Add your blog to or You can also add it right there at the webcasts booth as well.

  2. Post a comment to this blog post using your TechEd name and we'll give you a T-shirt. You'll need your TechEd badge to get the shirt. You can also add a comment right there at the booth. Basically we're looking for ideas on how we can improve our webcasts prorgram.(yes, we're working on sound and the registration issues now).

  3. Blog about our webcasts and events on your own blog and have your blog post show up on our blogger sites ( or and we'll give you a  free T-shirt in addition to the free t-shirt you get above for add your blog above.

We'll have two or three desktops at the booth for you to quickly add your blog or post your feedback or comments here. Hope to see you folks at TechEd 2005.


George, MSDN Webcasts

P.S. Kevin Marshall from Portland Oregon will get a free t-shirt just for showing up at our booth, since he won the free pass to TechEd 2005. Kevin, We hope to see you next week!





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  1. Richard Harrison says:

    Assuming the name on my badge is my "TechEd name"…consider this a post for a T-shirt. Let the swagging begin!!

    By the way, I’d like to compliment the Webcasts crew for providing such a useful educational resource. Great stuff!

  2. Bryan Hoylman says:

    I think that the registration gyrations one goes through for on-demand webcasts is a bit lengthy and cumbersome.

    I would like to be able to download a webcast to my box to view later; you could do that some time ago.

    As always, more code/samples and less slides.

    Thanks for your great webcasts!


  3. Hi Bryan – You should be able to download the webcasts from the Live Meeting console. we just migrated to Live Meeting 2005 in March,and we’ve been going back and udpating 3,000+ webcasts so that they can be downloaded. The work is still in progress, so Let me find out for you. If you want, email me at,and I can give you an update on this.

  4. We just need to know you posted a blog post on our webcasts or events. so if the post is by "TechEd Name" and your name badge says "TechEd Name", then you’re all set. 🙂


  5. Eric Hammersley says:

    I’m up for a free T-Shirt. Maybe they’ll stop laughing at me for wearing the same thing every day. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  6. Mario Londono says:

    Free shirts and free webcasts, a match made in heaven. Man I’m not even at TechEd and I already have a shirt waiting for me.


    Mario Londono

  7. Ronald Walcott says:

    The developer webcasts that I have viewed are great as they are, especially the Modern Software Development series by Joe Hummel. Just keep up the good work.

  8. Rex Tang says:

    I’ve registered my TechEd 2005 blog to MSDN Event site.

    WebCasts are always good resources for me to knowing things in a fresh fashion! 🙂


  9. Markku Jaatinen says:


    It would be great if you could add more on-demand webcasts for us that live in a TOTALLY diffent timezone.

  10. Philip Colmer says:

    Some suggestions:

    1. If code samples are used in the webcast, please make those samples downloadable.

    2. Make the whole webcast available for download for offline viewing.


  11. Chris Coneybeer says:

    I have only been doing dev work for a couple of years now and I started getting really serious during the last 1.5 years. Webcasts have been an great resource for me and I can go back to them when needed. I would like to see the code available for download alos.

  12. Josh Phillips says:

    This is a post so i can get the shirt 😀

  13. Hunter Coleman says:

    The on-demand webcasts are great, as I often can’t fit the original time slot into my schedule. Seems like some of the demos don’t always work out as the presenter intended, but maybe that’s the nature of demos. Yes, sound quality improvements would be nice to see.

    Hunter Coleman

  14. Tim Furry says:

    I’d have to agree with a couple of the other posters…I *really* miss being able to download and view the webcasts offline. I’ve got CDs full of 2002 webcasts that I could watch in my spare time…can’t do that with the new ones. Downloadable code chunks would be great, too. A big *thanks* for making the webcasts is in order as well.

  15. Jerry Ham says:

    Quite a few of the MS webcasts are very useful, although some of them end up being too high level and end up omitting some of the tech detail that you hoped would be there. Of course you realize this after you watch the whole thing. Other times you just want to get one piece of info – for example there was one on channel 9 just yesterday about backward and forward compat between .net 1.1 and .net 2.0. I got what I needed to know in the first 30 seconds of that one.

    (plus I want a free shirt)…

  16. Roger Bonine says:

    I’m a big fan of the webcasts AND free T-shirts! Woohoo!

  17. Chris Haaker says:

    I love the webcasts. Kevin Remde’s are very well done. Keep up the good work! The more IT ProInfrastructure topics the better.

    Chris Haaker

  18. Grant McInnes says:

    I think you need to do a better job of getting the word out about the webcasts. I just found out about these via a TechEd related feed I subscribe to but will now be adding your webcast feed for the future.

  19. Andy Nifong says:

    I want a shirt.

  20. Robert (Bob) Newton says:

    Put me down for a free t-shirt at TechEd 2005!

    I am very satisfied with the Webcast program. Keep up the good work!

  21. Ronald Armas says:

    Nice announcement!!!, i want a Large one for my exclusive collection 🙂

  22. Jorriss says:

    Free? Did someone say free? Wow I feel like I’m back in college where credit card companies would give you a free t-shirt for signing up for their card at 29%. Here’s me offically signing up. My TechEd Name is….

    Richie Rump

  23. Lindsay Brunetto says:

    I’ve been meaning to make a blog. This will give me even more incentive! Your webcasts are great for a teaching addons, (so my students can listen to someone else for a change)!

  24. Hey, this is akin to pre-swagging! Awesome!

    Can’t wait to see you all there next week!

  25. Federico Vitan says:

    Posting for the free t-shirt..:-)

  26. Christopher Reed says:

    Posting for the t-shirt……

  27. Jeroen Vos says:

    Posting for the free t-shirt

    Also want to say keep up the good work.

    Jeroen Vos

  28. Michael Fors says:

    I’d like to see you do an MCSD series designed to prepare you for the certification exams. You can have a sight where everyone who attends the webcast posts whether they passed and then adds comments on how the test was as well as recommendations to those who haven’t taken the test. This could help generate a lot of excitement for becoming an MCSD. I know lots of guys who would get motivated by something like this.

  29. Andy Winters says:

    Please count me in for a free shirt. Large would be great if you have them.


    Andy Winters

  30. Is is so bad that I am doing this only for a tee-shirt?

  31. Not at all. Just think of it in the context of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. After all you need clothing to keep you warm and dry. A free t-shirt goes a long way these days. 🙂

    Georgeo Pulikkathara, MSDN Webcasts

  32. Tech Ed Badge Name: Mickey Gousset

    And I’ve linked up my blog at

    I thoroughly enjoy all the webcasts ya’ll do. Keep up the excellent work!

  33. Karl Seguin says:

    yay…it’s like getting a green drop…except I won’t sell it at the Auction house…ughh..I think I play too much WoW.

  34. Lori McKinney says:

    Webcasts are very useful. Keep up the good work!

  35. Doug Rhoten says:

    Here’s another obligitory t-shirt post.

    Oh, and as far as feedback – it would be great if all downloaded webcasts could be played back at 2x speed. I’ve noticed not all of them can be, but there are times I’ve stopped watching a webcast because the presenter talks too slowly or that they stumbling along as they are trying to get part of their demo working.

    Granted I wouldn’t listen to Billy Hollis at 2x speed for fear of my brain exploding…

  36. David Harrison says:

    I love the webcasts, but I also agree that the amount of registration required could be reduced. And yes, I would love a t-shirt.

  37. Matt Rahdar says:

    I agree with David, I would love a t-shirt too.

    But Webcast is very cool too.

    C U next week.

  38. Frank Ries says:

    Great Stuff!

  39. Russell Sage says:

    Webcasts are a excellent learning experience. I,m looking forward to Tech-Ed as I havenot had the previous opportunity to attend.

  40. Joel Ross says:

    I think an RSS feed with enclosures for on-demand web casts would be awesome. I subscribe to the main feed and see what all of the webcasts are, but if htey were more targeted (such as ASP.NET, BizTalk, etc.) then enclosures would save me time.

    Oh yeah – Tech Ed name is Joel Ross.

  41. Dempsey Williams says:

    I’ll be seeing you guys at the booth next week…save a shirt for me. 😀

    My only problem with the web casts is finding the time to sit down and watch them – my work is pretty hectic and spending time watching hasn’t been officially approved as work time. But I’ll see what I can do. Do you guys have any plans to some "quick hit" types of programs? These are solutions to things that you can show in a few minutes or less, instead of a longer program.

  42. Aaron Haley says:

    More TShirts?! For all that is holy. I would have visited you anyway. Just to show ya’ll some love.

  43. Aaron – Yes, more t-shirts. You’ll find that by wearing this limited edition webcasts t-shirt, you’ll be loved, admired, respected, and that children, small dogs and cats will also look upto you.


    George, MSDN Webcasts

  44. Kevin Hill says:

    Looking forward to my first TechEd. Wish it was farther away than Orlando.

  45. Ralph Henshaw says:

    I really enjoy the webcasts and appreciate all of your hard work.

  46. Michael Dunham says:

    I always like a good T-Shirt, especially Blue!

    I particularly enjoyed the Gaming 100 Level Webcasts from the Coding4Fun website. Great way for us serious coders to relax a little and remember our Commadore 64 days.

    The only improvement on your current webcasts I could offer would be to stretch out and go for some really wild topics on areas that don’t get a lot of attention and may not be in Microsofts core business like AI, or Robotics.

    Show what other people outside of microsoft are doing with the MS technologies and how developers can get involved or do their own wacky stuff (like breaking X box firmwares ;> )

  47. Alan Atwood says:

    The free webcasts are great. I too would like to watch them at my leisure and code downloads keep me from making typing mistakes! 🙂

  48. Hey guys, I forgot to add we have a 1,000 webcasts t-shirts and a 1,000 virutal labs t-shirt. So please hurry while supplies last. 🙂

  49. Steve Kiene says:

    I tend to watch the webcasts on a separate monitor while I work. I listen to them and when there is something I need to pay close attention to, I simply pause and go back and watch the particular part again when I can give it my full attention. It’s surprising how much I learn just listening/watching in the background. Please keep up the great work.

  50. Keith Fields says:

    Hands-on labs need to work at the beginning of the show.

  51. Keith Fields says:

    Hands-on labs need to work at the beginning of the show.

  52. Steven Briggs says:

    Sort of prefer the old way of doing hand on labs. Also a little confused about the re-org of the MSDN memberships

  53. Rulian Fiske says:

    I need to learn more about it.

  54. Ron Beltran says:

    A great place to learn stuff.

  55. Ron Beltran says:

    A great place to learn stuff.

  56. James says:

    Great event so far. Balmer was as loud as ever! Looking forward to the break outs.

    – Jim

  57. Paul Tan says:

    Cool… the Webcasts are great!

  58. Raul Menendez says:

    I will definately follow-up and check out the virtual labs after the conference!

  59. Ryan Kruse says:

    Cool concept, makes it easy to test new software with out the hardware hassles.

  60. Ronnie Mcmillian says:

    Nice information

  61. Need audio webcasts says:

    Please put webcasts in the form of audio file so that I can listen on my PocketPC

  62. Jan McBreen says:

    I’ll bet I’m the only one logging in at Tech-Ed to get a free tee shirt who intends to use it to make a quilt.


  63. Virtual Labs have been a great resource for bringing my team up to speed on new products from Microsoft.

  64. Jan – You’re making a quilt of all the t-shirts? You NEED to send me a picture of that.

    Georgeo Pulikkathara, MSDN Webcasts

  65. Virtual Labs are really great do learn stuff when you don’t have the time to show up to classes. You should try. they’re really great

  66. Arash Sayadi says:

    My buddy just recommended this tool. Sounds exciting and looking forward to trying it!

  67. Anthony Mann says:

    The webcasts are outstanding! I try to schedule time each day to watch one webcast.

  68. Eric Schmitt says:

    Looks good, great info.

  69. mark humphrey says:

    Love the conference, someone should work on the Orlando trolley system though!

  70. Eric Herrmann says:

    I would like to see something along the lines of tips and trick for the IDE environment…

  71. Susan Lennon says:

    Good idea – worth checking for the new 2005 products!!

  72. James Hall says:

    TechEd 2005 is great. Steve Balmer’s Keynote was very interesting with the Techie Show, etc.

  73. Dave Palica says:

    So far, so good!

  74. Jim Saunders says:

    Need to get the wireless working.

  75. e4169-d032005 says:

    Love using the webcasts, especially for the various betas!

  76. . says:

    I have viewed a few webcasts but prefer the Deep Dives that MSDN runs.

  77. Noor says:

    Hi i am new tell me more abot tech net

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    Because u c today i came to know u r blog but i have to go thru all details that took about an hour  for me to know all about you still its not complete.So i suggest that keep such links like "want to know about us?or "our activities"

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  80. sassyms88 says:

    I think your program is great. Dont change a thing!

  81. please send me the free t shirt sample that i may consider for further purchase

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  82. vinod pahuja says:

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