TechEd 2005 – Stay competitive as you know you need a new job soon

Microsoft Tech Ed 2005 - Learn... Solve... Grow. Orlando, Fl, June 5-10

TechEd is the place to be when you want to learn about what's coming out of Microsoft and it's partners for the next year or so. If you have to support and deploy tools and technologies from Microsoft and its partners, TechEd will help keep you updated on technolgy strategies coming from Microsoft.

Even if you're doing desktop migrations to Linux like most of the financial services industry, you need to keep on top of what's coming from Microsoft from a competitive standpoint. TechEd offers you that opportunity for about $1,700 dollars if you register early before April 15, 2005. Otherwise it will be about $2,000 after April 15th.

If there is anything you want to ask from your boss(forget about asking for more money; new hardware, a promotion, new title etc. as if they haven't already given this to you, I doubt they're going to give it to you now anyway, and it sucks having to beg for something you know you've already earned) ask to be at TechEd each year. Use the time at TechEd to network with your peers and find a new job with more pay or that promotion you've always wanted. Or use the time to sharpen your technical skills and get better at your current job.

Also what you learn at TechEd will be much more valuable in today's competitive IT industry where your job can be outsourced in a blink of any eye. Be sure to attend our Pre Tech Ed webcasts before you go to Teched as these webcasts will get the introducory background info out of the way, and you can begin to focus on the questions you really want to ask the experts when you are in a TechEd techncial update session.

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