I'm looking into podcasting, and I'm findiing some really good stuff that interests me. For those of  you haven't been to Ron Jacobs site, there are several examples of podcasting there. Ron has also recorded some really good content there with Jonathan Wanagel. Check it out. The information below is from Ron Jacob's site at http://www.ronjacobs.com/podcast/default.htm.


Date Title Subject Link
March 7, 2005 Global Bank Integration Baseline Architecture (Developer Perspective)
Jonathan Wanagel our lead developer on the project chats with me about GBI
Jonathan Wanagel (full size)
March 4, 2005 Global Bank Integration Baseline Architecture Listen as I chat with David Trowbridge the architect of the new Global Bank Baseline Architecture wma
Feb 25, 2005 Configuration Contexts Listen as Scott Densmore (one of our Enterprise Library developers) tries to get configuration contexts through my thick skull. wma
Feb 24, 2005 My first podcast! I'll tell you my thoughts on podcasting and include an interview with software legend Billy Hollis from VSLive San Francisco wma

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