SWAG(Stuff We Always Get) from the webcasts booth at TechEd 2005

Also we've got to have something free to giveaway at the TechEd booth. The last few years we were all business and did Webcast Sampler CDs. What would be a good giveaway that you guys would like to recieve for visiting the Microsoft Webcasts Booth?

Tell me. I've love to hear from everyone.

George, MSDN Webcasts


Comments (9)

  1. Choose any of the following:

    1. A free copy of Windows XP (nice but kinda cheesy)

    2. A free copy of Office 2003 Pro (again, cheesy)

    3. A free TechNet CD (just the DVD from the latest Month, you might get new paying subscribers from this idea!)

    4. A compilation CD of all the free utilities available for download from the MS website (i.e. the Resource Kit tools, SUS, etc — make life easier)

    5. A free copy of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit (original idea, but bulky)

    6. A free copy of Mark Minasi’s Windows Server 2003 book (careful, though, a lot of people already have this one).

    7. A one year subscription to TechNet Plus (I would do this as a drawing and not a give-away to everyone)

    8. A free copy of Windows Server 2003 with 10 CALS (again, a drawing)

    9. A free copy of Virtual PC (very original)

    10. A copy of the article archive CD from Windows IT Pro Magazine (very original but also a bit pricey)

    James Summerlin

  2. I like the idea on holding a drawing. Maybe we can do one a day. Let me check.

  3. Hi,

    How about a DVD with VS 2005 Beta2 preinstalled inside a VPC image. Saves ages getting the thing to install…you then include some relevant web casts to support it.


  4. Off Topic, but how come I can’t register to watch:

    MSDN Webcast: What Every Developer Should Know About the .NET Framework, but May Have Missed Along the Way (Session 5)—Level 200

    I get the following message:

    We’re sorry, due to the popularity of this event, registration is currently closed.

    But, since this event was broadcast back in October, how come I can’t register to watch the recorded version?

    Thanks for any help.

  5. How about a webcasts archive on DVD.

  6. Carlos – It looks like registration was shut off for some reason. I’ll get my team to turn this back on. Sorry for the hassle.

    George, MSDN Webcasts

  7. Webcasts archive DVD goes on the list. We’ll look into this.

  8. Charles –

    1032258154 – MSDN Webcast: What Every Developer Should Know About the .NET Framework, but May Have Missed Along the Way (Session 5)—Level 200

    is now good to go. the registration was maxed out. we’ve increased this to 100,00 viewings, so we should be good to go here.



  9. Ed Crossley says:

    Good idea about the webcast archive DVD. Maybe you could have a kiosk were people can choose which from Microsoft’s entire webcast archive, webcasts they want on their ‘free’ DVD. They could then come back later and pick up their freshly burnt DVD. Wow! two visits from each customer!

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